How to record a sample with the device microphone in GyroSynth

I very gratefully grabbed GyroSynth when it was free last week - thanks!

I can’t work out how to record a sample with the device microphone though - I press Record in the Sampler but nothing is recorded. I did notice that the app doesn’t ask for permission to use the microphone when first installed and opened so I don’t know whether that’s the problem? The app also doesn’t show in the list of installed apps in the device Settings so I couldn’t manually grant that permission.

Anyone able to check whether it’s working and, if so, let me know what I’m doing wrong? Thanks.


  • The record function is meant to record the audio output of the app's sound engine.

    Recording from the device microphone wouldn't make sense because the app's sound engine is based on sound synthesis.

  • Thanks for responding @rs2000 . There is a separate Sampler section in which you can select samples as the sound source. It comes with some built in factory samples. That’s the function I was referring to. See screenshot. Have you tried using this aspect of GyroSynth?

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    Gotcha. It worked once here and it recorded although the Rec button was greyed out.

    Seems like there are issues indeed.

    • Rec button is greyed out
    • Recorded file auto naming is visible but it looks like the recorded file is not saved
    • While editing the file name to record to, the iOS keyboard cannot be closed.

    Edit: Reported and confirmed by @giku 😊

  • Brilliant, thank you for confirming and reporting to @giku . Personally, I can use the equivalent functionality in Drambo but it seemed a shame that one of the most interesting aspects of the standalone app wasn’t working hence why I was so keen to get it checked out one way or another - thanks for being the person who did that @rs2000 , really appreciate it. Cheers.

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