Longer graphic Env


Right now there is a 5 second limit on the graphic envelope. I like to have really long and slow envelopes in my music. Does anyone know how to extend the time of the envelope beyond the 5 seconds?


  • https://patchstorage.com/long-envelope/

    This stops the movement of the envelope after the first one reaches the 1 value, all the way at the end. It uses the graphic mod LFO but functions as an envelope. The second graphic mod is actual value that is sent out.

  • You can have muuuuuch longer times when using the "bar" scale.

  • Huh… cool but that’s not yet on the appstore version ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    But if my math doesn’t fail me, 16 bars @ 20 BPM = 16 * 60 / (20 /4) = 192 sec = 3.2 minutes… just your average radio-ready song’s duration

    How cool is that?

  • Oh, I want that bar env … any indication if a new version is not too far away?

  • That bar env would do the trick for sure! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing it Drambo.

  • It’s not in the AppStore version yet???


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