How to stop the song in "songmode"?

How does it work for the last scene in Drambo scene arranger stop? I disengaged the cycle mode but the last song seems to jump back up to the beginning scene. I checked the scene properties and repeat only goes from 1..Maybe a "0" would solve it.


  • I could be wrong but I don't think there's a stop yet. I usually just put a long empty scene at the end.

  • Yes, this is what I do for now, but a stop action would be kinda nice too.

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    @Antek101 I love idea to have zero repeat to stop at any position! Kind of a "Stop scene".

    It could be visualized with a red stop icon instead of the scene number and allow for multiple songs in a "timeline", like some people do it in Ableton Live.

    It would even allow for songs to be started by a MIDI controller's buttons or pads because with stop, that scenario would make more sense.

  • I just tried a Midi Output module with a Note 0 (C-2) in the pattern. Then I mapped that note to the play button. As soon as that pattern plays the transport stops.

    You could use this various ways, such as placing the note with a cycle condition so that it only plays after a set number of repeats.

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