please fix GyroSynth

please fix GyroSynth

it doesnt load in latest AUM:(

thank you!


  • Wait, I don't think GyroSynth supports the AUv3 format if that's what you've tried.

  • rs2000:

    no ... the IAA doesnt load :(

    ( using all the tricks... )

  • Interesting. Tried loading the IAA in AUM and although it says "cannot init", it does produce sound when turning the iDevice around.

  • rs2000:

    yes it does produce sound but not through the AUM chain!

    it goes in background and makes sound...

    smth is buggy there.

  • ofcourse I can make it in Drambo (and I will when time)

    with Gyroscope and Flexi module

    but this small app is so so handy when live acts.

    the phone is always in the pocket so...:)

    I hope it gets fixed...

  • Classic IAA trick is to launch the IAA app first before making any connections to it...

  • samu: I tried that too.

    doesnt work here...

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