Having multiple velocities for different purposes out of a single track

Would there be a way to have multiple 'layers' of velocity which correspond to the notes of the a single track but which you could also saparately distribute to different sources? Say velo 1# gos to amp, velo #2 to freq cutoff ? While all of that being p-lockable per clip.


  • Can you give me an example? Not sure what you mean by "velo 1# gos to amp, velo #2 to freq cutoff" and what exactly you want to p-lock.

    Also, would a specific note velocity range be processed equally for all voices in a polyphonic patch?

  • @Moa13 - A note can only have a single velocity, at least as far as MIDI goes. Drambo and every other synth are restricted to this. Think in terms of something like a piano keyboard, you can't strike it with more than one velocity at a time.

    Humm 🧐 ... is what you're thinking to play chords, use the velocity from each note, but only sound the lowest note or something? That could maybe work.

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    you can assign velocity to multiple targets at once

    you can do that multiple layers - you can blend over sounds over sounds like that to ... low velo this sound / high velo that sound kind of thing ...

    you can use p locks & automation at the same time

    you can add a little random to velocity with the midi humanizer

    the velocity is always part of the note ! (how hard did you hit the key to play the note)

    there is no 2nd velocity or something

    no note no velocity and only one velocity value per note played,

    when you play multiple notes at once/chord all the notes played can have a different velocity depending on how hard you hit the keys ( or how you programmed the velocity)

  • Thanks a bunch for all the useful infos!

    I found a solution for this by placing a track within a track, duplicating the notes and rewriting the velocity of the new track on to another parameter of the initial track.

  • did you notice you can use velocity on the morph module?

  • didnt't notice no but thanks for pointing out, though I think that still doesn't solve the issue of drawing in unique velocities generated by the same notes in the same track, for instance to have one velocity for the VCA, and a whole other one for the cutoff.

  • @Moa13 doesn't automation achieve what you want? If you need a freely assignable automation lane you can simply use a knob or slider module, draw whatever values you want for it and then modulate the cutoff (just to follow your example) with it

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    yes why use velocity when you dont want to controll something with how hard you hit the key?

    you are still confusing me with the way you think of velocity

    "unique velocities generated by the same notes in the same track,"

    this here actually produces unique outcomes from the same velocity

    velo opens filter and reduces decay - how much in effect this has on the timbre depends on how much u dial up or down the velo knob

    • u See this is same velo doing different things

    the thing you want to do with you "2nd velo" - press the record button and wiggle the knob

    it creates an automation line so you can draw your 2nd modulation thing

  • I think what might describe the need here is polyphonic automation or polyphonic p-locks - it would be distinctly different effect than an automation lane or p-lock which effects all notes.

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    I dont understand what you are trying to do

    and why you want to do it with velocity

    is this mono or polyphon?

  • @bcrichards I came short to explain it as good as you have now! @lala that's also very helpful thank you, i'll leave the further explanation at that now.

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