What about a lua module?

I may be raving again, but it wouldn’t be too complicated, would it? Only @giku can tell.

It could perhaps be a profitable release if there was some community effort to generate a wide range of presets.

Too far out?


  • What would be scripted with it?

    A complete custom UI for a module or just sound output?

    lua is just a scripting language that can be used for many things depending on where the script is running...

  • I might not know what lua is about…

    I thought it could be used to perform math operations on the audio buffer, like that new app that does that for wavetables

  • Lua is a 'scripting language' and what it does depends highly on what functions it has been given so each app provides an 'API' (set of defined functions) that the script can use.

  • Perhaps animations or covers for faceplates annd placeholders to fill out racks

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    not interesting if you can't write code

    it could be a module that giku uses for his own amusement

    there is little mass appeal in this, me thinks

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    +1 .. or rather some form of simplified JavaScript - It would open posibilities to write completely custom DSP code (for example custom filter implementation) if implemented the way how it is made for example in former Synthmaker (or currently named Flowstone). Would be really major feature.

    I can see module where you paste code into text box, plus you can add inputs/outputs which would be then accessible as variables (in1,in2,in3, ... out1, out2, out3) withing code pasted to module ...

    Literally like Mozaic within drambo, just capable of processing also audio not just midi.

    Holy shit.

    I know. I am here on absolyte hardcore scifi ground. But - man can dream :-D

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    If you want to do scripted audio DSP, you could get Audulus 4, load the Audulus 4 FX AUv3 plugin into Drambo and use the Audulus DSP node inside it. BTW Audulus has many more nodes available than just that one…

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