Combustor MIDI controller knob bug

The knobs in the ‘Combustor’ section still have an issue with MIDI controllers that it seemed the first DAW update patched. All but the “Resolution” are affected. They do not gradually, incrementally or appropriately correspond to the knob.

’Tune’ - doesn’t move until I hit 65 on my controller so 1/3 of the way

’Feedback’ - similar but 1/4 of the turn

’Filter’ - 1/4 of the way after the first turn

’Bend’. - this is the least of the skipping, it doesn’t jump 1/3 or 1/4 of the turn like the rest but it is skipping frequencies by 5-10hz

Hope this helps fix the bug


  • Can you give a few details? Which DAW and which version? What kind of MIDI messages are sent by the controller?

    Absolute or relative/incremental?

  • the “Tune” and “Filter” parameters in the Combustor section moves very quickly when at “0” and then gets to a finer tune, or reacts more sensitively and slowly to my MIDI controller knob as you approach “127”. Same with the filter as shown below.

    in other words, it jumps quickly when at 0, to like a 1/4 of a dial turn when i first move my knob. So it goes from 50hz to like 100hz with the slightest turn, then it jumps less from 100-500hz range only skipping increments of 25hz or 50hz with, and then it incrementally jumps less and less, until it is responding normally to the sensitivity of the knob at around 750hz. I am approximating because its hard to tell because i use the knob, then touch to get the readout, so sorry for not being totally accurate with the hz readout.

    for the filter it jumps from 0 to 225hz, start to jump much less until 1500hz, and then after that it pretty much responds normally to the knob to 19999hz, so its similar in the beginning, it jumps a bit more, like 1/3 at first touch, but it resolves much quicker than the Tune.

    this is in a brand new (absolute incremental)arturia minilab 3 on new FW; its all DAW , including Drambo . I made sure it wasn’t user error by using and testing it in 3 DAW and Drambo(just look at the AU plug-in window as you try a turn, it shouldn’t move until 1/4 of the way and then it’s a jump from 0-63 for instance

  • Someone else in my thread “Combustor” is amazing” confirmed it (inside and outside of DRambo I mean)

    Did you see what I meant rs2000? Do I need to send a message to giku or do you let him know?

  • @FearAndLoathing It's always a good idea to report bugs with detailed steps how to reproduce to giku 👍🏼

  • Worry not rs, giku said he is working on a fix

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