Button Module presses: Only one press gets recorded unless I toggle Record off/on

I uploaded a video to witness clearly hopefully, what is happening. My discussion title says it all.


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    Here is an embed of the video for convenience.

    Note that when not recording, the button triggers a loop every time I press it. When I start recording, only the first press gets recorded, the following presses won’t record in one take. Then I toggle record on and off to record reach added button press. This is a bug I assume? Or something to do with my configuration? I never had this problem before recording knob automation.

    Thank you

  • Yes, somehow the automation of knobs and sliders behaves normally but not buttons of all kind - this is actually my nr 1 wish for the next update:) It would make recording e.g. mutes or effects much more fluent.

  • Oh ok. Thanks. Your response leaves the impression that this has already been reported to the Dev or team, do you know? There’s no direst support listed that I’ve seen. I’m sure they’re busy with the new synth coming out, Combustor, Drambo, ect. It seems bets testers are the only direct line. I love Drambo and been using it everyday the last six months.

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    I don't know if the dev(s) knows about it/considers it an issue, maybe some more knowledgeable members of the forum could chime in.

  • If Im not mistaken this will work correctly if you midi map it to a controller and select momentary on the drop down. I was doing that recently with success hopefully it still works.

  • I appreciate that @Johnisfaster , but the purpose of this MIDI rack that I built using the buttons is that it acts as a replacement for my controller when I’m away from it. It’s especially sweet when hosting Loopy Pro with Drambo on my phone, because I can use Drambo to build LP’s arrangement without having to constantly go back and forth to LP.

  • I've also created a topic a while back about a similar issue, for my use case the solution would be if you could go in to the button module and make it 'immune' to p-locking/recording so you could still trigger other stuff with it without getting that recordings loop.

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