Outputting a single CC value by a Note trig

I'd like to use notes as triggers to output CC values through the CC generator, the problem is that I'm also always getting a value of 0 (note off) on the CC output, I'm looking for a setup to be able to use a slider that sets the outgoing CC value while the trigger of the set value always comes from a Note On. Is this doable?


  • I'm not sure I understand the question. But it sounds as though you have the value of the CC generator set to the note input. It should be set to the slider, with the trigger set to the midi to CV module.

  • The above will output continuous values as long as the note is held down. From the thread title it sounds as though you may want to output the value only once when the note is first triggered. Is that the case?

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    This should be easy to set up. All you’ll need are a sample and hold for the slider, and to convert the gate to a trigger, using the graphic envelope. When setting up the graphic envelope, put a small flat line at the end of the ramp (important). Time setting can be 1ms.

    signal flow would be:

    slider-> S&H (sample input)-> CC Generator (signal input)

    And parallel to that:

    midi to CV (gate)-> graphic envelope-> CC Generator (gate input)

    make sure to connect the graphic envelope or the midi to CV gate to the S&H gate input also.

  • Thank you @aleyas exactly that! and indeed @number37 only when a note is first triggered

  • A quick followup, I want to set the output range to be exactly between 0 and 63 which could incrementally be set by a knob which has now replaced the slider, the knob is set to min 0.00 max 0.50, I added the number module because I couldn't lock it tightly in between the integers, but now the knob values are still not producing entirely accurate CC 's. It's likely my lack of understanding of the right voltage number operation but I'm eager to learn how this could be done!

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    @Moa13 You might want to use a knob value range of 0..64, quantize then scale your control signal and reduce it again to make the signal fit the CC increments.

    Like so:

    Note that the scale number is actually 1/128 = .0078125

    Enter that in the Scale Range field and don't worry about the rounded value shown, Drambo will indeed use the precise number you've entered.

    I'd prefer this solution because you can simply change the knob's value range to whatever you need and it will still work.

    Edit: Seems like 1/127 works better, so it's rather .007874015 😉

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    Thanks @rs2000 though I might be doing something wrong here as only getting either a 0 or a 127 on the CC value output:

    Scratch that I forgot to enter the dot so it's working perfectly fine!

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