Challenge: make a cover of John Cage's 4'33"

So I thought this could be a fun little experiment? Since I started thinking about it, I have already dabbled on lots of quadrants of Drambo, and there are some more I want to add (like IR for a concert-hall, buffer modules for repetitions of room ambience, etc)

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create your best rendition of this celebrated John Cage's composition.


  • drambo only (you can include samples, though)
  • some kind of interaction with the environment
  • exactly(-ish) 4'33" when rendered

I haven't finished my project yet, but I want to give you guys a head-start.


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    here in the extended ambient mix 🤭 😁

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    cowbell is not in the spirit of the song, I guess ;) 😆

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    you see thats exactly what its supposed to do 😁

    nothing happens, and ppl start yawning and coughing and scratching their head,

    (with a less civilized crowd they start throwing beer cans at you)

    is this art, is this junk, is this over now and I go mingle at the bar? 😁

    all its supposed to do is to make the audience uncomfortable so they make a noise, ;)

    its a cheap trick, clever - but cheap.

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    how long do you sit there before you start thinking they are pulling my leg here?

    1 minute?

    2 minutes?

    3 minutes?

    haha 4 and half minutes of nothing when u expect something are fucking long, lol

    thats why it makes you itchy and you make a sound ^^

  • The version I’m working has a lot more going. Sure it’s a silly project but one tha had me learning a lot of new techniques.

    I’ll share soon enough, along with the notes I took along the way.

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    Just when I thought I was nearly done with all the pieces, I find out about this:


    In late 1989, three years before his death, Cage revisited the idea of 4′33″ one last time. He composed One3, the full title of which is One3 = 4′33″ (0′00″) + 𝄞.

    As in all of the Number Pieces, "One" refers to the number of performers required. The score instructs the performer to build a sound system in the concert hall, so that "the whole hall is on the edge of feedback, without actually feeding back". The content of the piece is the electronically amplified sound of the hall and the audience.[35]

    My patch already resonates, but now I have to introduce feedback and some env follower to control it in the loop (so it always "is on the edge of feedback, without actually feeding back")

    TL;DR: One3 = 4′33″ (0′00″) + 𝄞

  • this will be up your alley , I guess

  • Nice 😊 I don’t have that particular one on vinyl but I have the other

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    yeah. the other is more or less the same. I dont think I ever managed to listen to it in one go. 😆

    I think all of this is about showing where the music ends (or starts depending on how you want to view it) in some way?

    and its all messing with what you expect ... ?

    its brilliant and a dead end at the same time. 🤔😂

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    In a situation provided with maximum amplification (no feedback), perform a disciplined action.

    --(Cage 1962c)

    This project is dear to me. I realize I didn’t approach it very well at first, sorry.

    But let me rephrase: I need your help. This is not a statement on conceptual art, it’s just a fun playground (for me at least), and hopefully one that catches some sympathy (eventually)

    Wanna contribute with some noise?

    See the list of suggested sounds below (feel free to add your own ideas!)

    Then share a rack of any type, I promise I'll compile them all into a mega-patch.



    • external in for noise background (and controlled feedback)
    • envelope or pitch followers
    • gyroscope modulation can be fun for iphone users


    • Piano lid open
    • Piano lid close
    • Stopwatch start/stop
    • Stopwatch tick
    • Page turning


    • Walla talk
    • Chair screech
    • Cough
    • Yawn
    • Shhh (triggered by too much noise, perhaps)


    • Rain / wind
    • Thunder
    • Traffic
    • Sirens in the distance
    • Birds (maybe not, it must be night)

    The mechanics I have covered, it's the sound design I could help inspiration from you all

    I have ideas for all of the above, but I would really like to hear yours

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