Audio interface randomly loses connection.

I’m running Drambo with a behringer umc1820, connected through a camera adapter. Was working great then I started getting drop outs in the connection.

usually closing and restarting Drambo fixes it, sometimes that won’t work but unplugging and reconnecting the adapter to the iPad and restarting Drambo will work.

I’m at a loss for what’s causing the issue, thanks in advance for any help.


  • Is the UMC1820 connected directly to the ipad or via a USB powered hub?

    For the former sometimes you have to unplug the camera adapter or the lightning cable

    and then reconnect them again as camera adapters, both original and third party adapters,

    can be temperamental.

    Do you have a desktop to check the UMC1820’s digital clock settings?

    It’s best set to Internal.

    You can set the digital clock to external using a desktop

    as long as you do not power down the UMC1820.

    It automatically reverts to Internal once powered down and then powered back up.

    Try another 12v dc power supply for the UMC1820, if the power supply doesn’t

    supply enough current the UMC1820 doesn’t function properly.

    I have a UMC1820 so I’ve checked most of this myself.

  • When I had problems like these, it was usually caused by an issue with the Lightning connector (in case yours has one).

    A CCK3 in good condition, attached to an iPad with a clean Lightning port and avoiding to move them around has been the most stable setup for me.

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    In my experience the camera adapter is kinda sensitive about being moved at all. I took some cardboard and velcrod the ipad and the camera adapter to it so the adapter won’t move at all. Worked like a charm.

  • Really appreciate everyone’s feedback on here, I perform in an experimental band where I’m processing input from two other musicians and doing effects and sampling stuff live and the risk of drop out during a performance gave me too much anxiety so I wound up putting together a workaround with an analog mixer and drambo in one of the effect sends, this lets me use the headphone trrs connection which I’ve never had problems with, it also limits me to one input and two outs, but I have found that to be creatively interesting. I might give the Velcro trick a try for at home experiments but idk if I’ll ever trust camera dongles for live shows.

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    It really never disconnects on me since doing this. Everything is velcroed down including the camera dongle. It's not the prettiest or the coolest looking set up but it is extremely portable and I would trust it live. I can use it in any room and even take it on vacation. Powered by one wall adapter till I figure out a battery situation.

    Not that it matters but I use a different speaker and a Keith McMillen K-Board in the middle now.

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    its sounds like a bad cable ...

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