Fm Operator feedback in Waves Osc

I really dig the operator feedback parameter but I long to use it on more complex wave shapes.


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    [edit] Sorry misunderstood the post:

    Have you thought about just modulating the volume (Amplitude Modulation) or pitch (Frequency Modulation) with the input from another oscillator?

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    you can do just this :

    not perfect cause pitch modultion doesn’t run on audio rate but better than nothing, definitely useable for some sounds when you doesn’t go too extreme

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    I’m not sure it would even be possible or useful but I have always wondered what would feedback inside the wavetable module sound like, I mean wavetable fx feedback modules that could be used for self modulation inside the spectral domain

    We can already use fb modules inside the wavetable module, but you can’t use it for audio, only CV, which is not very interesting

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