Praise to sound quality of modules.

Just wanted to say that i am absolutely impressed by sound quality of Drambo modules, especially the filters and saturators/shapers, FM modulations between oscillators, but also build in reverbs - they all are just stellar. It's really hard to satisfy me with this factor, but have nothing wrong to say agains Drambo DSP quality.

Excellent coding ! Love it a LOT, just regretting i didn't deep dive into Drambo sooner, always did just brief touch and then got disctracted somewhere else. Anyway, better now than never :))

Really, hat down, it's just fantastic !


  • Have to agree here!

    I'm personally a total sucker for the Drambo's WaveTable Oscillator and all the Wave Effects that can be chained together and who knows, maybe some day the WT will run at full audio-rate like the rest of the modules 😎

  • Amen to that!

  • I had a new year’s resolution to delve into drambo and drambo only this year. So far I stuck to (with some notable exceptions, combustor and dagger are drambo-ish enough for keeping my resolution, hilda and buttersynth I just couldn’t let pass).

    I learned so much so far, thanks to all you generous people, but like Socrates, the more I know, the more I realize I don’t know shit 😅

    one thing that never ceases to improve (and I mean even from long before drambo cause I started with an ipod touch 5 and sunrizer and impaktor) is my admiration for Giku’s creations

    I wonder where 15yo-me would be, would I have this technology in my pocket back then.

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    maybe some day the WT will run at full audio-rate like the rest of the modules 😎

    I’m not sure what you mean? Could you elaborate?

    My understanding is it cannot possibly run at audio rate since FFT needs a window/buffer. Are you hoping for 0-delay feedback in the future? 😅 (or 1 sample, minimum theoretically possible)

    I don’t think there’s need for it in practical musical terms. I think Giku’s original design choice of feed forward only was genius.

    We can still do this (the buffer delay doesn’t prevent doing growling noises)

  • I have a feeling @dendy can add the details but in order to do proper FM between wave-table oscillators sample accuracy is needed to keep things 'butter smooth'. ButterSynth is quite good at this and even though a WaveTable oscillator can be used to modulate another WaveTable oscillator in Drambo it's not 'smooth' especially when compared to doing FM between two regular oscillators, so 'per sample processing' is needed, yes it WILL eat more CPU cycles but the smoothness is totally worth it.

  • @giku has a reputation of putting a lot of thoughts into DSP, I'd say it's one of his favorite subjects.

    And not only that, but he's also not afraid of going the hard way to make all this very CPU efficient, including pure assembly coding where it makes enough of a difference in terms of performance.

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    yeah i see here mad genius of DSP code , it's very obvious :-)) That's why this thread, it's not that common to see this level of sound quality AND cpu efficiency, especially on iOS.. reminds me old good times when every saved byte of memory and every saves CPU cycle was important.

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    Thing is, FM modulation gets quickly mess when you try modulate already complex signal - even with subtle modulation it becomes just harsh unmelodic noise .. So it's really good idea to modulate just plain sine. But modulation source is different story, and modulation of simple sine with complex waves gives often very interesting results..

    Which is something which you can do now - you can use WT oscillator to FM modulate FM operator ..

    Result is lovely :)

  • Sound quality is good and filters are great but there is room for improvement.

    Better antialised osc (esp saw-square )

    Exponential pitch modulation with a 2 khz sine as modulator modulating another sine does not give great results ,

    I compared drambo’s an filters with zeeon’s filters ( ladder) and there is a slight difference at full resonace in favor of zeeon , I suspect this is because of Zeeon’s higher quality osc’s

    Drambo is the best app for mobile devices , period .

  • Have you tried the aliasing options in the modules drop down menu? Maybe smooth is what you’re after.

  • Good point, there is that

    also I’ve sent them through the Graphic shaper and somehow it manages to smooth it quite nicely.

    I don’t why but it worked. :)

  • I don’t really know if they technically qualify as “high quality” but I can always make them sound pleasing to me. And no other oscillator can do what Wavetable can do.

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    Is there any noticeable aliasing in WaveTable oscillator ?? Didn't noticed any .. I use WT osc even for basic waveforms, in combination with "spline" module i can draw precisely exactly saw or square what i want ...

    like precisely same saw or square like on tb303:

  • I don’t have the wavetable osc’s , these are payed addons , no ?

  • It's an IAP for Drambo and super worth if if you already enjoy using Drambo 😎

    I'd go as far to say that it's one the, if not the best WaveTable Oscillator implementation on iOS/iPadOS.

    The 'Wave Effects' take it to another level and I've not see any other synth with that kind of flexibility.

  • @samu

    'd go as far to say that it's one the, if not the best WaveTable Oscillator implementation on iOS/iPadOS.

    This guy is VERY right here. ☝️☝️☝️

    'd go as far to say that it's one the, if not the best WaveTable Oscillator implementation on iOS/iPadOS.

    This, this and again, this.

  • I think its only $5 and in my opinion its one of the best oscillators you’ll find anywhere in software or hardware. The Wave Effects and Wave Spline in particular give a level of sculpting Ive never seen anywhere else.

  • oh , I love drambo and this comes from a hard cord reaktor user-builder but I am not so mich into wavetable stuff.

    About the wave effects , this is most probably distorting/ altering a ramp wave ( range 0-1)that reads the tables ( phase distortion).

    That’s why some refer to these as phase effects.

    just discovered the mix layer , it’s crucial for dx fm algo’s that have parallel cariers.

  • The wave-effects do a lot more than simple phase effects, warpers, clippers, flippers, folders, filters, sample-rate, multipliers, frame-syncs and bit-depth reduction to name a few 😎

  • ☝️☝️☝️

    And ability draw completely own wave by hand and blend it with selected wavetable is stellar.

  • Yes it is! Saw your other post, neat!

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    Warpers, clippers , folding etc are all functions that are done on the Linear Ramp wave , iow it’s altering the shape and phase and as a result that particular frame of the table is read out differently ( faster, skewed etc..)

    All variants of phase distortion

  • you are technically true but in result, Drambo WT oscillator in combination with it’s internal insert fx slots provides vast range of very dofferent sounds in abdolutely superb quality

  • I never questioned the quality of the wavetables .

    Beepstreet guy is one hell of a coder !

  • It’s not just phase distortion! There’s spectral stuff going on, filters with adjustable slope all the way to brickwall partial isolation, a very nice vocoder, etc…

  • Now , that sounds interesting

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