Shift Register module

Does anyone here frequently use the Shift Register module at all? From what I've seen and heard in Eurorack videos on YouTube it seems like it would be fun to mess around with, but I'm not really able to wrap my head around it, at least not in the context of Drambo.

It seems to be a sort of sample&hold sequencer device from my understanding, but people claim it can be used for a ton of other things as well.

If you use the Shift Register a lot, what sort of devices would you use for the 2 inputs and the 8 outputs? Where does it typically go in the signal chain? And have you ever used it successfully in ways that it wasn't intended for? I'd love to figure out how to utilize this thing.

Thanks in advance!


  • You can use it in a digital noise generator, in bbd style delays, to store a sequence of CV values and much more.

    You can also chain them (route the last output of the first one to the CV input of the second one).

    Or re-order the outputs sequentially to mangle waveform shapes.

    Or clock them in irregular intervals.

    Or use them to route any CV pattern through a number of modules to control them.

  • Thanks! Those all sound really cool! I'm super into weird sequencing.

    Would you be willing to share a screenshot or a patch file of any one of these examples? I think a visual reference or a hands-on example would help demystify it.

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