Korg Volca Drum editor

A straight forward drum editor using CC message for the Korg Volca Drum.

Download and have fun.


  • edited September 2023

    downloaded just to see how it is made .. very nice work, literally thinking about buying Drum just because of this editor :-) 👍👍👍

  • How do you connect dRambo to the Volca drum ?

  • Gravitas did troubleshooting with me for a whole day; my interface MIDI out does NOT work. I need a new midi interface and/oror a new cable for my other interface … this forum and members are Amazing, esp @gravitas , one of the rarest of talents and a good, altruistic human. Thank you , and thanks to all of you regulars who help (grAv, Ed, rs, John, Pedro, num37, and anyone else who gives their time)

  • You’re welcome.

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