Drambo psytrance instruments pack

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Proud to presend my "Drambo Psytrance Instruments" pack.

It's project with 8 original instrumetns created in Drambo

for various basic elements of psytance track. All instruments

are entirely synth-based, no samples involved.

Package contains: Kick, Bass, Hihats, Snare, Squelch,

FM Lead, FM arp and Acid (303 inspired bassline).

You can get it at gumroad for symbolic price.


Here is Youtube demo of project with all it's instruments.

Every instrument contains from 4 do 8 macro knobs which

are optimised to give sweet-spot sound in most of their

range and combination.

Enjoy, hope you will like it.


  • Hey man, I bought it. Enjoy picking apart projects like this to learn Drambo and supporting. Nice work.

  • New, completely reworked from scratch, 303 “clone” for my pack. I am much more satisfied now :-) Still far away from perfect, maybe room for V3 :-)

    Will be uploaded to Gumroad tomorrow (of course as free update for those who already bought pack)

  • Still waiting for a sample instrument rack on patch storage.

    (in reality I would have already purchased your pack, but for some reason my CC is black listed on Gumroad or something lol.. It wouldn’t take my payment. So yeah, soon as I fix that, I’ll buy it. I have a couple other things in my cart as well.)

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    Still waiting for a sample instrument rack on patch storage. 

    oh i wanted to ask but forgot.. what you mean with sample instrument .. like sampled sounds of those synth instruments ?

  • No, a sample instrument. Your pack has 8 instruments right? I was thinking you could share “one” of them on patch storage, so we can see what you’ve built. (A “sample” of your instrument pack).

    then on patch storage, you could say “if you like this one, you can buy the pack on gumroad for $”

    a sample of the sounds we can hear in your video already.

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    ah ok, will think about which one is good candidate

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