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I’ve been playing with the idea of self-generating bass lines.

This is just something I concocted over my lunch break (on my 4” iphone se 1st gen)

It has the euclidean, but ANDed with a stochastic gate. Then a random and a cv quantizer.

And of course a slew limiter cause a bass has to have glide.

It’s not perfect, but it demos the initial concepts I have come up with so far. Was hoping for some other suggestions from you guys…

How would you approach the matter? Any crazy ideas appreciated.

I haven’t even thrown dagger and combustor into the mix. Just working on the controlling part so far. This project uses miami bass for demo purposes but works with other presets

Ps: turn metronome on, for “drum track”


  • so I had been thinking of something inspired by Misha, where it works off of intervals rather than constant note values. It would essentially let you 'play' patterns of intervals by pressing different keys.

    one pattern might be 0 - 0 - 1- 3 and another 1 - 0 - -3 - 0 - -1 . It would have a wrap setting so continuous playing of a pattern would not lead to higher and higher or lower and lower notes. this sort of thing would be perfect for bass lines.

    another take would be bass generated off of a melody or chord input, where it only plays sub octaves or other complimentary notes from the input, while applying some extra rhythm and randomness, which could be derived from triggers, clock, or some combination of the two.

  • I understood some of those words 😅🙏

  • But all great ideas, that require some planning though, but no pain no gain

    I don’t know about misha, when people talk about those hardware boxes it gets out of my league. Sure I’d love a few but it’s out of my budget, or plans

  • Misha is really cool, @ZhouJing made a rack inspired by it . the idea of playing interval inputs as opposed to note values is an interesting approach to melody.

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    Was going to say the same. @pedro , you really should download all the patches by @ZhouJing, it is high quality stuff and easily playable.

  • Thanks for the recommendation but of course I downloaded all of @ZhouJing patches long ago. Still trying to figure them out, though, but I’ve learned a lot already. Same goes for all of you

  • Having some experience with bass lines, I would recommend two things:

    • More restrictive note scales and open up for more notes only during short filler phrases
    • A more restrictive set of rhythms, taken from typical bass lines
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