Drambo challenge: Tintinnabulator

I came across this max4live patch recently. Would be nice to have something similar in Drambo!

It is based on composer Arvo Pärt's technique for generating harmonization of a melody that result in both consonance and dissonance, often creating beautiful lines from simple principles.

In its basic form, you have a melody in some scale and generate all harmony notes from a defined triad chord. For each melody note, find the nearest note of the chord below the melody note (when using setting -1). Using setting +2, find the next to nearest chord note above the melody note, etc. Have a look in the video.

How would you do this in Drambo? Perhaps cv quantizer to store the defined chord, but even better if it could be set by midi in. How to find the correct nearest note based on those principles? Some math with modulo?

Maybe a midi rack could be built with a gui similar to the video above.



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