Snapshot function?


I just purchased the app and am pretty impressed so far.

I was wondering whether there is some kind of snapshot function that allows to take a snapshot of all parameter values (or just defined ones) so that I can tweak parameters and switch (or even morph with a cc) in between the snapshots?

Thanks for helping


  • Use the Morph pads and slider.

    You can also hold a clip and apply parameter changes to the clip, for more sequenced snapshot type effects.

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    To add a little more information: The left (initially "A") and right (initially "B") scenes can use any of the 16 snapshot memories A to P. Tap on one of them to choose a different scene memory to switch or crossfade to using the horizontal slider called "Scene Crossfader".

    Note that scenes will store all changes you make while that scene is selected (highlighted left or right from the scene X-fader). It can make sense to keep A untouched so you can always return to the initial/last (saved) state of your project.

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