This AUv3 cache bug is such a buzzkill.

Does anyone know if Apple has already confirmed a fix is in the works? I have to restart my ipad daily at this point and it's a total buzzkill 😅


  • What iPadOS version are you running? I've not had a single issue with AUv3's under iPadOS16.6.1...

    ...iPadOS17 will be out next Monday.

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    I'm on 16.6.1 as well. How weird is that? I keep getting the drambo startscreen with logo for about 15-20 sec, then a hardcrash. I'm running Drambo standalone with a Digitakt and AUv3's.

  • Weird indeed, I'm on an 11" M1 iPad Pro, iPadOS16.6.1 with zero issues.

    I'm not using Ableton Link which can cause some weird issues like prolonged launc-times when it does it's wifi-thing...

    One idea would be to disable wifi to see if it speeds up the launch, 15-20 sec is NOT normal.

    I have also reduced the number of installed apps (228 in total at the moment) as it helps me focus...

  • I'm not using Ableton link either, so I don't think it will have anything to do with wifi but I'll try anyway tonight. And yeah, I try to limit the amount of apps as well, Less is more!

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