Bug - Project replaced by another

Hi, I've just faced a very serious issue : after returning to Drambo after some time of inactivity I've figured out when opening some of my projects that several of these drambo project files now redirect to other drambo projects !

For example, I'm opening project name "A" but some other content loads on the screen, and clicking on the menu button (top left) I can read that the project name is actually "B", not "A" 🤯

Even editing the file name in the iPad filesystem doesn't change anything, the project is still called "B" when opened in Drambo. And same even if I delete or move the actual "B" project on my iPad.

So it seems that file A content was completely erased and replaced by project B content which is very scary, and it did that for multiple of my projects that I think I've lost forever.

I'm 100% sure not to have done any manual action that could have done that. The only thing I'm doing is automating project opening using iPad Shortcuts app, which sometimes is also buggy and usually fails to open if I'm putting the Drambo app at front while a project is still opening and not fully loaded (it stops to load and shows me an empty project instead).

So what happened and can I recover my project content? It seems to be a very serious data loss bug in my opinion 😬

Best regards,



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