Module presets too easily loaded — and all the work you wanted to save is gone….

I had this a couple of times - the last time was now 😕:

I wanted to save the patch / rack / preset that I just created. Opened the preset load / save dialog. Touched one of the presets in the list by accident - bah ! All work gone !

Immediately loading a preset without warning is not a good solution. Specially on a touch screen where it’s easy to touch UI elements by accident. This dialog needs some kind of confirmation. Either check if the currently loaded preset has been saved, or always bring up a warning before loading a preset.


  • Good point.

    Until measures are implemented COPY the patch before saving and if the patch

    gets overwritten all you have to do is PASTE it back in and then save it properly.

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    happened to me too many times but i just thought it’s me retarded tapping too fast without thinking all around :-)

    now when we are talkimg, simple dialogue “really load preset ? Yes / Cancel” would be nice

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    I once suggested that deleting a whole rack should have a confirmation. More than once I was working on a complex rack and while changing a knob or something, the knuckle of another finger touched the top header down and poof, there goes my rack.

    with regards to changing presets, a confirmation would make the process burdensome when you’re switching previously saved presets. Maybe the confirmation could pop up only if the current preset hadn’t been saved, if there’s a way to implement that

  • And it goes without saying: save often. Whenever I try something new I have my muscle memory trained to save as. Save with new name first, and then mess around. My projects all end up being named “awesome project 7.3.6x +3dB”

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    And it goes without saying: save often.

    which reminds me - quick save icon on top bar.. with asterisk when any change in project, and long press on icon does project save -that would be SUPER helpful for habit of often saving

    long press to a void pressing it coincidently ..

  • I wouldn’t also oppose it having a “save copy of project with a timestamp appended” option, so I wouldn’t have to do it myself

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