Real-time quantised sampling Octatrack style?

Can I sample external gear quantised Octatrack style without losing sync? And if so, what would be a good way of doing this?


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    there is multiple ways how to sample in sync on Octatrack and there is multiple ways in Drambo

    What exact workflow you want to use ? What are you trying to achieve ?

  • I want to be able to record loops of my external hardware in sync with Drambo, instantly loop them while I'm making new improvs for the next part of the song. It's very much for live sets with improv elements. Now that I think of it, having a CUE would make sense as well.

  • Cue'ing Flexi in sync mode will both start and stop recording with bar synchronization.

  • only difference to Octa is that you need to stop recording manually.. it starts recording in sync with beginning of pattern - thst’s ok. If you have in pattern one long note it starts playback automatically when it records length defined by that note - but it doesn’t stop record after it starts play, it continues recoeding so you need tap ”record” again to stop recorfing.

  • If you only want to record and playback the samples, and not slice them etc, you can p-lock the Recorder module’s Rec and Play buttons to step one of the sequencer.

  • Oooo.. holy crap this is precisely 1:1 reproduction of main feature why i actually bought Octatrack... I am probably retarded, never got idea i can p-lock record and play same way like it works on Octa.

    Epic. Thanks for kicking me in.

  • It seems super obvious but I never thought about it either 😅. Really awesome technique that's for sure. I tried setting it up so far but the issue I currently have is that it instantly starts playing the audio over the same source so it doubles up the same sound.

  • You need just put it at end of audio chain in track - when it plays, it doesn't pass through audio, it outputs just audio it is playing ..

  • Could you please explain this in a bit more detail? I'm trying to set this up but I can't seem to get it right. I want to sample my Digitakt in Drambo with the looper. Thanks in advance!

  • Is it possible to share a sample project with this approach?

  • there is nothing special to share .. just place recorder on track which is receiving audio you want to loop

    press first step of sequencer, hold it and then tap record and play buttons on recorded (one and then other one)

    it p-locks locks both to to first step .. now when you hit playit starts record and records whole length of pattern - after that it strts play in loop recorded audio and audio from input is muted

    when you want to record new loop, just hir “clear” - immediately after that with next pattern start it starts tecord again nee loop

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