Automation crash when pattern <16 steps

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Drambo crashes when writing automation in a pattern that has less then 16 steps.

how to reproduce

-create an empty project , 8 tracks midi cv is fine

-insert a noise osc , followed my amp ad env.

-set pattern to 14 steps

-enable some steps although this part is not necessary

-press record and play and move the decay slider ( don’t let go )

Drambo will crash and stop outputting sound .

The automation editor shows an empty region .

Pressing ‘ file new’ and Drambo wil completely go Poof


  • Confirming here following the same steps on my iphone. Haven’t tested ipad.

  • Can you send a project file to explaining the issue.


  • edited September 21

    Confirmed on ipad, even 15 steps behaves like this

    edit: it seems it’s only odd numbers, 8 and 12 work fine, 7 crashes

  • Can’t upload example , I am in a situation with barely any bandwith available .

    The steps to reproduce the crash are self explanatory.

  • Did some more testing, it doesn’t depend on the source, and seems to happen with all amp env controls I tried.

    It works fine with 8 or 12, for instance, but seems to dislike other steps<16

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