Interaction between tracks?

For my next “I’m new to Drambo and there’s probably an obvious answer to this” question…

Is there a way to send MIDI and/or CV messages from one track to another? I feel like this should be easy to do, but when I try, it doesn’t seem to expose outlets on different tracks.

Am I missing something obvious?



  • You can patch left to right(or low to high) between tracks the same way you do on a track. Patching right to left or high to low isn't technically supported I don't think but it you make a patch and then go tø the main page and slide the track to the left it will retain the patch that was made and introduce a slight latency.

  • Ah! Thank you so much - I was trying to send information in the wrong direction.


  • Any time you can't make a connection to another track, say you want to send audio from 8 to 7, you can easily move 8 to the left of 7 and now you can.

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