Envelope automation recording

There is an issue when recording the parameters of an envelope .

As soon as you let go of the fader it jumps to its initial value ,move the fader again and this time the automation is not registered .

steps to reproduce

-create a simple synth , osc into filter into amp envelope , add an envelope to control filter cutoff ,

-create a pattern

-press record and play

-touch/move decay slider of filter envelope ( first time )

-let go of decay slider

-touch and move again ( second time)

Go into automation editor , result is that the second pass is not recorded

Also happens with the amp envelope


  • Check the track settings and see if you have overdubbing disabled.

    Both modes work as expected here. If overdubbing is disabled then it works the way you describe. If enabled then it works the way you describe it should.

  • Overdubbing is enabled .

    this issue only occurs with the envelope parameters .

    When it’s released it jumps back to a parameter lock setting and stays there .

    All other parameters are recorded just fine when fader-knob is released and touched again.

    This is all done in one take ,iow record is only pressed once

  • Oky , I checked and double checked it’s clearly a bug

    steps to reproduce

    -initialise blank midi- cv project

    -insert ad envelope

    -set both attack -decay slider to zer0

    -set pattern length to 128 steps

    -start recording

    -slowly move decay slider up to maximum during the first 2 bars , let go and wait a bar , now move decay slider down to minimum.

    -Stop the recording

    -Go into the automation editor,the downward movement of the slider shows only oranga dots at value zero , whime it should go from 1 to 0

    Same result when overdubbing is ON pr OFF.

  • I'm seeing it here too. AD envelope only records automation till you let go of it and then ignores anything you do to it after.

  • at least one confirmation 😏

  • It seems to happen with any slider, right?

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