3 crashes during recording

Today Drambo crashed 3 times , either during recording note and or automation data.

No backup crash file to be found .

I think Drambo is fantastic but damn this sucks.


  • Could you give a few more details about how to reproduce this?

    I'm using Drambo all the time but for some reason I can't confirm your observation.

  • Difficult to say .

    All the crashed happened during recording automation , and iirc the recorded pattern was almost at the end of it’s first loop.

    Does drambo keep crash logs , if so where are these to be found ?

  • Settings => Privacy => Analytics => Analytics Data => Look for logs starting with "Drambo-"

  • And it happened again during recording , just at the end of the final bar .

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    And again..a crash during recording

    I found the log files , but the last one was created 20 september , meaning the 2 crashes of today ( 22 september ) aren’t even reported .

    I guess my honeymoon period with drambo is over .

  • What parameters are you trying to automate?

    Are any 3rd party AUv3's Plug-Ins involved?

    A little more information would go a long, long way...

  • A screen recording would be very helpful as well

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    Last one happened with just 2 self made instruments .

    A 4op fm synth , crashed during recording , just entering note data live , sometimes during automation .

    Just the usual stuff

    Perhaps it’s a memory issue ?

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    usually you can pin down these things to a single module and a specific action ...

    try to reduce things in project and see if it still happens

    more info needed to figure out what is going on here

    Screenshots or video would help

  • you can also upload the crashing project here, so we can have a go at it

  • It can happen with everything , even asimple noise osc —>amp ad envelope , while automating the decay parameter .

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    I can't reproduce this, I just tried on Mac & iPad.

    there must be something else going on.

    what device and iOS version are you using?

    any other hardware connected?

  • that’s why I suspect it’s a memory issue.

    There are no logs created of the crashes .

    I’ve now disabled ‘autogrow pattern during recording ‘ , fingers crossed it won’t happen again .

  • Just tried exactly that here, with pattern lengths from 1 to 16 bars, recording, overdubbing, deleting and re-recording, not a single crash so far.

    Which iOS version do you run and which iDevice is it?

    Do other apps crash too?

    Crashes without crash report could indicate a hardware problem.

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    do you have any other stuff open?

    FaceTime? safari? messages? that sometimes causes odd stuff

  • It’s pretty old battered up 6th gen ipad, ios 15.7

    I only have electribe r, zeeon ,troublemaker .

    That’s it , I never liked making music on ipad , more of a hardware guy …but Drambo..damn that’s a whole different category

  • so its an older iOS version

    to be investigated

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    Could you send me crash reports to info@beepstreet.com?

    Settings => Privacy => Analytics => Analytics Data => Look for logs starting with "Drambo-"

    (btw. update will be available very soon, I hope I'm gonna fix it)

  • Also what buffer size and sample rate is set in Drambo settings?

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    There are no crash reports of the time it crashed .

    last log file was created 20th september while the crashes occured after the 20th,

    As off today I haven’t experienced a crash since I turned off “autogrow patterns during recording”

    ( knocks on wood)

  • 44.1Khz

    512 samples

  • Didn’t have any crashes sine I turned off autogrow pattern during rec.

    I think it’s safe to say the issueis ‘ autogrow’

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