Max pattern length versus autogrow

The maximum length of a pattern is 128 steps , but when” clips autogrow during recording “ is enabled , the max length is 256 steps ,

Why can’t we choose this max length instead of 128 ?


  • You can do it with +bar button… you just discovered bug - x2 button disables on 128 instead of 256 :-)

  • Just push the +1 bar button 128 times :)

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    Clip length goes up to 256, with +bar though. No need to push +beat 128x

  • yeah , my bad

    Bar indeed goes to 256 , however multiplyin 128 *2 will stay fixed at 128 .

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    You can get more if you play with the “Steps per beat”. Change it to 5 then divide by 2 the bars.

    this is also how I’ve gotten it down below 4 steps. Like 1, 2 or 3.

    edit: this is the beta version FWIW. YMMV.

  • Maybe some people are mocking me on the Audiobus forum. ;) Is this screenshot from beta? Please!

  • Hey, if it’s me you mean, I wasn’t mocking you, and I have no idea how to replicate that. I just thought you would understand it as a joke

  • Best I can do is 320 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    But changing to 5 steps makes it 5/4 to the internal tempo, which can be cool, for instance for making a 4x4 pattern with an extra beat (20 steps). Turn metronome on for the 4/4

    i find this rhythm interesting because it sounds like a simple 4 on the floor, but at the same time it surprises you with the extra beat

    edit: this video explains it better

  • No mocking, it’s me, Edward Alexander..

    and yes, screenshot from the beta version, but the trick should still work with the AppStore version.

  • Yes, I can understand jokes, but Edward don’t understand how much I need that feature. 🫣

  • Honestly, you’re right. I really don’t understand why you, or anyone else would need so many steps in a clip. If you have, for example, a clip with 256 steps, followed by a 2nd scene with another clip with another 256 steps on the same track, that’s 512 steps so far. Please explain how it would be beneficial to have all 512 steps in one clip.

    But, I do get that people have different workflows, and not everyone makes the same kinds of music.

    I was just sharing a “trick” I discovered to create more steps (if for some reason virtually unlimited scenes weren’t enough). Yes, I’m using the beta version, but have you tried it in the AppStore version? I’d be willing to bet it works.

    Was just trying to help my fellow Drambonauts. ✌️

  • Why do you want to escalate this now? We had a good laugh, and that's it. I even explained my workflow on the Audiobus forum. Yes, I tried everything you said, informed you back, and even asked a friend for help. 😅

    There is a good reason why the beta process should always be secret. 🧐

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