Reset CV sequencer

I get that it takes a trigger or a gate but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get those things to start on step 1 when getting clocked by a pulse divider. With transport stopped I push reset and step 1 is actually on step 16. If I p-lock a reset button on step 1 I never hear step one. What am I doing wrong?


  • Wait… I have to p-lock reset trigger on step 2? Is that a bug?

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    Could it be a strange interplay between the clock and reset inputs when receiving both at same time? How would a hardware sequencer work in that case?

  • That was a good idea but didn’t solve it. It appears the reset button resets to step 2.

  • Hmm, I’m not seeing that if I connect a button to each input. On reset, the sequencer goes to step 1 and outputs that value, then on clock it moves to step 2. I’ll try p-locking as well.

  • It visually goes to step one but what Im finding is if I stop playback and push reset and then start playback I end up hearing step 1 on 16. If I p-lock reset on step 1 I again hear step 1 on step 16. In order to hear step 1 on step 1 I have to p-lock reset on step 2. I’ll make a video in a bit.

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    First pass I press reset before playback and you hear step one on 16. Then I P-lock reset on step 1 with the same results. Then I P-lock reset on step 2 and you hear step one on step 1. I'm a little sloppy on the programming cause I was doing it on my phone.

  • Conversely I just found that the graphic modulator doesn’t behave that way. It behaves as you’d expect. If I give it modulation on step 1 and p-lock reset on step one I will hear step 1 on step 1.

  • Try this.

    It triggers a Gate signal when stopped however it does reset back to the one.

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