How to use the CV Sequencer with Auv3's?

I'm trying to build something similar to the DFAM workflow but I just can't get the CV Sequencer or Gate+velocity sequencer working with any sound sources. Could anyone help me out and explain the order of modules I would need to get this working please? I want to be able to use both Auv3 and instrument racks. Thanks in advance guys!


  • Connect either the Velocity output from the G+V module or the CV out from the CV seq

    to Scale+Offset then to Pitch input on the Note Gen and then connect the Note gen to the Auv3 of choice.

    I would recommend using the G+V as that sends out gate signals which you can also connect to the Note Gen gate input.

    Bear in mind an octave is 0.125 hence why the Scale+Offset module range is set to 0.125.

    For two octaves set the range to 0.25 etc.

    You could also use the CV quantizer to have more accurate scales.

    Adjust offset to cover the octaves you want to play around with or use the Pitch(oct,semi,fine) module instead.


  • To add to what @gravitas wrote: If you'd like to use multiple CV or G/V Sequencers to create polyphony, you can use multiple MIDI Note Generators and merge their output into one MIDI signal by using the MIDI Mixer.

    I'm usually setting the Y Grid inside these sequencers to match a semitone grid for easier note entry.

    For example, the Y grid set to 24 +snapping enabled and Scale+Offset Range set to 0.25 will give you exactly 24 semitones (2 octaves) inside the CV Sequencer.

  • Thanks guys!

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