Ability to highlight module routing targets

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I have some mod source which modulates multiple targets. Sometimes it's hard to find which one exactly (color is not much helping in larger patches).

It would be nice to have in module menu switch "highligh routing targets" or something like that. When enabled, all targets (mod inputs, signal inputs, whatever) where that module is connected will have red circle around the target "connector" or "kob", (like they have when Morph button "assign" mode is activated)

This would help a LOT to quickly find what is where connected.


  • Like you wrote, a module can have multiple outputs so this would need to be on a signal port level rather than on a module level.

    I don't have a genius idea for that - maybe a button showing all module outputs and while holding it, by tapping on one output, the view will switch to a "mod destinations highlighted" view?

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    Another possible idea: Like the signal scope showing I/O when long-tapping on a signal port, the same mechanism could reveal all mod routings from the same source when long-tapping on a mod knob.

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    so just highlight all of them .. i think this doesn't need to be overcomplicated .. point is just to have something which helps catch your eye when quickly scrolling through rack .. even if you mark all modules outputs connected somewhere, it still saves tremendous amount of searching connection .. solves 80% of cases, and that is totally sufficient imho.

    Also opssible solution - when this is activated, outputs on module gets highlited too, standard red circle and if it has more outputs then in left bottom part of circle may be little badge with number 1,2,3,45 ... which will mark the outpuit, and then corresponding input marked with red circle wuould use same badge with same number to identify it with corresponding module output ..

    But i think for quick navigation this detail is not that important. Of course nice to have but not needed in first iteration, i think. To save Giku resources for other more important things :-))

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