Missing algoritms in shaper module

When I insert the shaper module It gives the following algo’s

sat1,sat2,sat3,fold soft , fold hard and lastly clip .

when loading the demoSong “acid test’ the algo’s on track 1 for the 303 style bass are :

softsat, clip,half rectify,full rectify,squared, cubed,invert,fold soft ,fold hard , exponential,treshold and lastly tanhdx.

There is no possibility to get these algos when starting a blank project .


  • you can however save the module that has those algorithms as a preset that you can recall

  • What you could do is open up the demo song that has the Shaper module with

    those algorithms and copy and paste it into the project you would like to use them in.

    Some of the algorithms available in the old version of the Shaper module

    are now over in the Maths section as separate modules.

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