MIDI Input Module


I use Drambo with a lot of MIDI hardware. At the moment, I am finding that if I need to route specific MIDI inputs to outputs, with the ability to exclude other stuff that may share the same channel, I have to add tracks to do it. This is not an optimal solution, mainly from track limitations.

Is it possible to get a MIDI Input Module? Kinda like how there's both Audio Input and Output modules atm. It would clean up my Drambo templates bigtime, and I suspect also save some processing power for the iPad.

Thank you.


  • Have you tried the Track module?

  • Yep that's what I've been doing. Even if I add a Track module to an existing track, that still goes into the main track count, which I don't want/can't afford.

  • +1 for a Midi Input module.

    I also have the same issues in regards to midi routing.

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