Wavetable effects - special container

Just purchased the wavetable pack but it seems that it needs to be in a special container for the wavetable effect to have effect( no pun intended )

Regular instrument rack and or layer mix does not work .

so where do I find this dedicated wavetable container ?


  • Edit : found it

    It’s the icon on the wavetable osc

  • Add a Wavetable oscillator, then tap the icon on the lower left-hand corner, then the + sign that you'll see after that.

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    Yeah , I already found out .

    There is however another issue , the pack is only installled on my ipad and not my iphone .

    Do we need to purchase these twice ?

    edit also fixed , clicking the buy button and selecting ‘restore ‘ unlocked the pack on the iphone

    All good now

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    Enjoy! Wave effects are really powerful, even with just a simple sinewave.

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