Zenbeats 3

Can someone help me get it to run as auv3


  • As an auv3 instrument.

    Create a Track in Zenbeats.

    Go to where it says “Instrument” on the left hand side.

    Pres on that and a list will appear.

    Select dRambo or any other auv3 instrument you would like.

    Load up dRambo instrument preset.

    To create an insert effect.

    Same thing except press “Audio Effect”

  • my problem is recording into dRambo through the daw

    i do not get notes to record into the auv3,

    also if I load a project I can’t select different clips from the dRambo clip launcher or play them back

    I see the blinking midi to show the notes go through, and then I even have recorded in step mode and as soon as a click play dRambo gets filled up with a random series of notes in succession

    i can get it working fine in Cubasis but I would really like the ability to work in my DAW rather than my fallback daw (Cubasis)

  • edited September 30

    I got it to record by using dRambos transport

    however it still does not playback the sequencer for example

    when I put a midi out module and set the parameters correctly in both auv3 and daw it doesn’t send to my synth hardware

    any ideas on settings to adjust

    (dRambo standalone works fine; also works in Cubasis )

  • @FearAndLoathing there’s a thread over on the AB Forum discussing this issue.


    On my part a new module has just causally bounced into my music room which I have to calibrate sharpish

    so whilst I’m doing that I’ll fire up Zenbeats and see if it can do what you need it to do.

    The threads over on the AB Forum seem to suggest otherwise.

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