Trying to emulate a tamborim, I realize the metronome sound is almost it

Is it a sample or generated? Either way can I have it?

The tamborim is this:

First instrument to play on this song


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    Tamburine, shaker, rainmaker ... are hard to emulate.

    just record a loop of it and take that. ;)

    not sure what sound you mean?

    the clong clong or the ch ch ch?

    the clong clong sounds cowbell like to me ?

    im not sure where the instrument is hit, it sounds metallic, is it beaten on the frame and not the membrane?

    obviously I have zero clue about samba percussion ^^

    watching some videos - oh I get it, its like a metal cookie box of some kind

    I guess what you hear is beating on the frame (like a rimshot on a Snaredrum) ...

    I dont expect it to sound that metallic if you hit the membrane?

    i dont know the instrument, but I can tell you what I hear.

  • yeah membrane and kettle makes sense

  • Hey @rs2000 that was quick. Quite an impressive emulation, I must say! You really nailed it.

    I refined it a little to my taste, mostly because yours was ringing too much, and the rhythm had nothing to do with samba. But I managed quite a realistic result just tinkering with your patch a little

    I'm gonna have a closer look later. Much appreciated!

    @lala as you guessed it's the rimshot that it is all about. The tamborim is also used with those plastic brushes, like you see on the samba drum sections, but that wasn't the sound I was after. I have no shortage of samples, and can actually play the thing myself (and own a few), I was after a sample-less version, but @rs2000 to the rescue.

    Thanks guys!

  • @pedro Yours sounds exactly like mine. Are you sure you've uploaded the right project?

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    Oh wait, I messed up. I saved to icloud and downloaded on desktop, but apparently not my tweaked version. I’ll reupload later (not that I much improved it, merely tamed it to sound more like something to go subtly in a mix, like in that martinalia song I posted above)

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    Ok, this is the one. Like I said, I only made it sound like I would expect by doing minor tweaks to your design.

    I haven't properly looked at it, this was just a quick try using the iphone speaker, and I haven't found where that extra hit on the "1" comes from, but I want it on every hit, modulated by the random S&H as well :D

  • This is also good sample fodder if anyone is into this as I am

  • Great emulation. Thanks for creating it. Makes me think about a Drambo Batucada Collection. Synthesised Samba Mayhem…

  • Count me in for the samba mayhem! πŸ‘πŸ₯³

  • These hips still got some moves, just so y’all know

  • πŸ˜„

    Something even better is in the works by the way πŸ˜‡

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  • Oh that would be another fun project! 😁

  • πŸ˜‚

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