Various bugs related to less than 16 steps length in pattern

Perhaps they are related?

  1. Number of steps on Main track clip changes when changing clip on Track 1. I described it here yesterday:
  2. Knob automation track; add it (btw, why does "Add automation track" appear two times in the menu when double-tapping the knob?). View the automation lane, and reduce the number of steps. You'll quickly see that the automation line is a few steps shorter than the #steps. On playback, automation seems to be jumping erraticaly when crossing these last steps. Actually, if you close the automation view then you'll often find that the knob "dot" stops automating in the Knob module in this scenario. Some black thick circle is drawn on the knob, and nothing is moving.
  3. I see other threads here talking about crashing when automating Amp Env in less than 16 steps patterns.


  • In the first link to ABF, I see I forgot to mention that I had number of steps set to 4.

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