MiRack in Drambo

I have a specific need and Im wondering if MiRack might be the answer. I want a sampler that can record on trigger/gate input. Like one trigger input for record and another trigger inout for playback. Im kinda assuming at 700+ modules in MiRack it probably has that but what I really want to know is can it be adapted so I could do that kind of thing from Drambos sequencer? So I guess the second question is what kind of inputs does the Au of MiRack have on it? I’m not really interested in diving into MiRack unless it can do this kind of thing simply because it seems like such a rabbit hole and Drambo already does almost everything.


  • yes, for example this one :

    first you need map “record” button to intenal miRack AUv3 macro params, to have it accessible from drambo

    tap “map” inside mirack and rhen tap record button and set “01” in popup menu

    now you need add this parameter to deambo module, tombe able to trigger it

    tap DRAMBO map button and on (0) ob left side choose “parameter 01” - knob appears on drambo module

    now - when you twist added knib from 0 to 1 mirack samsampler starts sample (you see numbers are counting). Now return knob back to 0 - when you twist it again to max, miRack sampler stops recording

    You need solve problem that after you stop

    recordimg, you need mute input somyou hear just recorded audio sampled by mirack sampler, but i think this is solvable by many ways

  • That's awesome but I can't seem to find the audio input module even when I use search

  • Ohhhh I see now. Au Processor.

  • @Johnisfaster it's a bit ridiculous considering there are AU params available, but you could also connect gate signals from Drambo into MiRack

  • how would I do that I only see one audio in and one midi

  • With the 16-channel FX version ("miRack FX 16ch")

  • The audio inputs don't seem to work with cv and gates for me

  • Hmm, they do work for me (or any modulation, really), when set up like this:

    It works even without the L/R to Stereo module; I just get the same signal through MiRack's channels 3 and 4.

  • OK it works, apparently input 2 on the drambo module is input 3 in mirack. I'm guessing that's cause input 1 on drambo module is a stereo in.

  • Ah, yes, 1 is 1-2, 2 is 3-4, 3 is 5-6, etc.

  • If morphing the Rec, Play and Clear buttons in Recorder and Flexi would work as expected, would that solve your quest?

  • Im not sure what you mean morphing them, they don’t respond to the morph module do they? At any rate I just want to be able to automate same record. I was able to achieve what I was after using MiRack but it would be nice if I could keep it self contained in Drambo.

  • Indeed that's what I mean: Using Morphs to control button presses that are otherwise only controllable via MIDI learn.

  • No they don't respond to the Morph module.

    Being able to Morph the control presses would certainly be useful.

  • Why not just enable them to be plockable or automatable directly?

  • miRack doesn't expose all parameters of its modules directly as AUv3 plugin - it is not possible vause it has dynamic list of parameters (you can have different parameters in your patch based on which modules are loaded). This is not supported by AUv3 standard, when you create AUv3 plugin you must define fixed list of parameters which host app can see.

    So solution of miRack (and would be nice to have same in Drambo when it is run as plugin) is that it has fixed list of 20 (or something like that) generic patamets named "parameter 01, parameter 02, .. etc" ... Drambo see those parameters. So if you want automate some miRack parameter from Drambo (or modulate it with Drambo LFO, Env, etc), you eed modulate this "parameter 01, 02, 03 .. etc" and then within miRack you need map this "interface" parameter into internal knob of particular module you want to control

  • @Dendy Oh I understand that my last comment was about Flexi sampler in response to @rs2000

  • If you are looking for any examples/inspiration of mirack in Drambo, I encapsulated a number of individual mirack modules for easy use in Drambo https://patchstorage.com/mirack-processor-wrapper/

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