Program Change -> Pattern Change, or: How to map “Mozaic-ed” Digitakt MIDI without AUM

Hi! I’m trying to get Drambo to change patterns when I do so on my USB-connected Digitakt. Ideally I’d like built-in program change support, or for the built-in MIDI-mapping to support program change messages in addition to Note and CC events, but that doesn’t seem to be the case so far (?) from what I found on this forum.

My current workaround is to use a Mozaic script to convert MIDI program change into normal NoteOn events — these can be MIDI-mapped in Drambo.

I want to use Drambo to host AUs, so I can’t host it in AUM, I need to use it in stand-alone mode. (…right?) Thus I currently have an AUM session in the background hosting Mozaic, and sending the altered midi to a “virtual” Drambo interface:

I’m wondering if there’s a way to host Mozaic directly in my Drambo session. After all I seem to be able to add MIDI-only tracks right in the “Main” rack:

…but I can’t find a way to use the output of this for Drambo’s MIDI-mapping.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to route the output of this Mozaic instance in such a way that Drambo’s MIDI-mapping functionality will detect it? I’d really like to ditch the AUM background session.

Or maybe I am missing a simpler way to use my Digitakt’s program change messages to advance patterns in Drambo? :-) I’m getting so close to a smooth hybrid workflow here already; I wanted to share the setup and ask for feedback on simplification.


  • Have you tried using Midi Output module set to feedback, connected to Mozaic? See the recent Tempo Automator project on patchstorage, where such midi feedback is used to control BPM.

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    Exactly. Drambo will only listen to incoming MIDI messages so if you convert them inside Drambo, you'll need to route them back using the port.

    A simpler option might be to run a MIDI message converter in the background (Streambyter or Mozaic) instead of loading it as an AUv3.

  • Thank you @rs2000 and @bleep! :-) That sounds like just what I was missing.

    I want to run the MIDI message converter in Drambo so I can load the entire setup just by starting Drambo, but fair point that that’s more complex than a standalone background message converter.

  • You're welcome!

    If you want total recall then adding MIDI Out => MIDI Feedback after the Mozaic AUv3 is the way to go.

    Just make sure you don't create a MIDI loop - that



    looks like it forwards all incoming messages which might not be what you want.

    Also, I would add a Note Off after the Note On message just to keep things clean.

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