Would it be possible one day to have a linear timeline? Where you can record all midi action of the sequencer into? As in muting actions, cliplaunches and the activity on the crossfader.

If looking for an example, roland zenbeats is a good start.

I know this ain't a small request but one can dream :) Currently this is the one thing holding me back from using Drambo as a center piece of my setup/


  • In your clip/pattern view, your linear timeline goes from the top down. You can make a song as long as you want, do all of your arranging, copy paste, etc etc.

  • There is a nice and free linear timeline MIDI recorder that will run next to Drambo's clip launcher patterns.

    It's called MIDI Tape Recorder.

    Using this in combination with MIDI remote control, it will also allow for automating mixer actions and scenes & crossfader rides that normally can't be automated or p-locked.

    The CC Generator will let you generate the required messages in case you don't have any hardware MIDI controller.

  • Another option is to use imaginando LK instead. It's actually pattern based but each pattern can be up to 999 bars long and the big difference is that you can edit the automation data.

  • @Intrepolicious It mostly works, but one slight annoyance; if you have 20 rows with clips and decide you want to add an automation track for a knob throughout the entire piece, you'll need to go into each of the 20 clips to do this. I imagine if there were a record-to-timeline mode as in Zenbeats, you could then add such an automation track only once.

    There are more important things to work on, though:)

  • Have you tried it?

    Try hitting record, and record your knob movement throughout your entire piece. It works! 🙂

    I think you’ll need to make sure “editor follows song” is on, but yeah, you can add your automation in a single pass.

  • That could work. I was more thinking of drawing the automation, linear fade in etc.

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