WebDAV issue on Windows 11

Hey guys. I recently switched to a new laptop and whenever I try to copy a file through the Drambo WebDAV, it s always asking me if I want to replace the file. But there is no copy of the file in the first place,

just this 0 bytes thing it created when trying to do the copying. Asking it to continue leads to this error :

It only copies 0 bytes blanks of the files. Do you guys have any idea on why this might be ?


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    Webdav is fiddly in general. You seem to have tried before and the process got aborted leaving files with just placeholder? Hopefully someone can help (@rs2000 has made some posts about it) but you may have to delete the destination folder and recreate anew.

    Ive used it to backup drambo folders, but major restructuring is a hit and miss. Which is not Drambo’s fault, just webdav’s

  • Webdav works great… when you do one file at the time. Had to maintain a CMS for sometime that only had that option for mass upload, and well I don’t miss those times

    I rather use icloud.com and don’t mess with it too much either

  • It really depends a lot on the WebDAV client used. The Finder on MacOS works great, under Windows I'm using Total Commander with Ghisler's own WebDAV plugin. Total Commander is also quite reliable in showing all kinds of files.

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    sometimes windows likes to act up with filenames from mac

    to many letters or symbols? filename to long? contains nerdy symbols?

    Mac is very tolerant with this ..

  • Indeed, the allowed Mac and Win character sets in file names are incompatible.

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    Don’t want to start a war, but windows is right, you can’t use some characters that belong to the filesystem. Like / \ :

    I’m sure apple had the same issue and just hid it from user experience

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    its still ms-dos junk from 40 years ago 😂

    microsoft just didnt bother to fix it ;)

    why shouldn't you be able to use anything that goes through your mind except dot something? ;)

    its a f...ing file name - the system shouldn't care, it has no business looking into the filename, it should just care for the dot something :)

    i bet you can do nasty things with filenames in windows if you are clever? poke around in old ms dos commands for inspiration 😈

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     / \ format c * run @朕 🤦🏻‍♂️üÄÖ学校™ sudo man 🤦🏻‍♂️üÄÖ学校™ sudo man 🤦🏻‍♂️üÄÖ学校™ sudo man 🤦🏻‍♂️üÄÖ学校™ sudo man 🤦🏻‍♂️üÄÖ学校™ sudo man 🤦🏻‍♂️üÄÖ学校™ sudo man 🤦🏻‍♂️üÄÖ学校™ ##sudo man 🤦🏻‍♂️üÄÖ学校™ sudo man.mp4

    is a normal Mac file name

    windows doesn't like that

    only thing it didnt like was


    and obviously


    if I want to make sure the file runs on anything

    no symbols

    no uft-8

    no emoji

    no empty spaces

    not more than 8 letters.

    like this

    hellohell.wav (16/44.1)

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    Windows doesn’t like that? Hell no, who does? Do you want to name your files like that?

    actually besides the * / \ it has no problem with chinese characters, and I’m not certain about the emojis but let me get back on my laptop and I’ll try

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    it all depends

    if you maybe want to load your samples into hardware later or something best advice is really conservative naming

    if its webstuff you maybe talking to a linux system

    Who knows? ^^

    Im not even sure if its the same number of letters (to long)?

    I haven't used windows since 20 years. ^^

    (only to fix dads computers)

    roland & Korg seem to have pretty specific ideas how file names should look like ...

    Do you want to name your files like that?


    maybe someone has a lot to say? ^^

    usually my file names look like this

    adfiuhawdgoh 34b@ ^^ (bang 2 times with 2 hands on keyboard and then version numbers - doesn't get any quicker ;) )

  • I just don’t see why you’d need slashes and colons in your filenames. If you do windows is not for you 😅

    but both can do the same job. My only pet peeve is macos hides so much complexity from users it becomes patronizing

  • @lala like I said:

    also I would like to see you produce a filename with a slash or a colon on macOS. That limitation is what's keeping me from switching over 😉

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    These characters work in MacOS hfs (What you see here is a file name):

    but they don't work under Windows NTFS (except ";") so it would be a good idea to block these and other incompatible characters in file names inside Drambo.

    Edit: Add the " character which works on hfs but not NTFS

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  • told you before

    only thing it doesn't want is ":" and "."

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    HFS+ is pre apple chips, thats the old stuff

    Apple File System (APFS) is current on iOS and Mac.

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    Mac OS is a true Unix system, but with a nice UI on top.

    just open the terminal (the linux command line tool) and geek out. ;)

    if you dont open the terminal you never have to see or deal with the geeky stuff. :)

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