3 crashes

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Crash 1

  • start an empty project
  • go to rack vieuw on the right upper hand
  • add an 'AN kick' or any module with automatable parameters
  • try to add an automation lane
  • crash occurs (only in rack vieuw mode)

Crash 2

  • open up piano roll
  • scroll all the way to the right until you see a black space
  • click on the black space
  • crash occurs

Crash 3

  • open Drambo on an external monitor (when you get a much wider screen then on an iPad)
  • when in clip launching vieuw and when the play/rec buttons are all the way down, clicking on the space exactly in between and outside of the Drambo window causes a crash.

Just wanted to point these out as the autosave doesn't always catch up with what I'm doing and sometimes I loose spontaneous ideas that way.


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    First of all, thanks for reporting these!

    About crash 1: I cannot reproduce that. If by "rack view", you mean the view showing all racks on one screen then I cannot provoke a crash on my iDevices (and an automation lane cannot be added without a visible sequencer anyway).

    About crash 2: I see no black space when scrolling to the right. Adding a note on the rightmost border won't crash my Drambos here either.

    About crash 3: Sorry I can't verify, no external monitor here.

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    thanks for looking in to those as wel!!

    @# 1, yes indeed I meant that sort of rack vieuw, I should have mentioned that you ought to be adding automation lane by clicking or double tapping on a parameter where you get the poppup menu and choose 'Add automation track' I wonder if after that - the crash still does/doesn't occur over there?

    #2 that's an interesting one, it's the same both on iPad an M2 mac here both on latest OS

    ps, I have no idea what happens behind the curtains of re-adjusting Drambo for a wide external monitor and back to the iPad, but I sort of suspect that that might be the cause of the dead speace and that it also somehow remembers it on the iPad after I used the ex.monitor

  • Fixing them, thanks!

  • I just came across the first bug also. Glad this is being looked at.

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