Octachron like sequenceer

Is there a module anyone made to make drum auv3 have random generative patterns in dRambo


  • theres a lot of ways to do this but the simplest would be to to use the chance module or probability settings on the track sequencer.

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    im probably biting more than I can chew lol

    i just looked at his zhou king sequencer and wow

    It’s like 4 tracks but it’s amazing

    i was trying to figure out how to just repaste it and add 4 more tracks but I can’t even figure that out wow

    you dRambo makers are really impressive, it’s like a coding programming all it’s own

    I wish gravitas would make a sequencer (lol) if he’s bored one day ;)

    thx guys

  • Im not familiar with zhou king. You may not need a sequencer device the drambo track sequencer offers quite a lot. Don’t worry about being in over your head there’sa few of us that are always happy to answer questions

  • Thanks.(auto correct changed king from jing)

    basically I would like an 8 track to 16 track drum sequencer in the way the patch storage was made

    that’s why I tried to copy and paste it but I could t make it 8 tracks for hammerhead (preferably 16 tracks for anything ). It all depends on what is the simplest way to do it for you/ anyone who might be into it? I can’t offer much than testing rigorously ;)

  • Add 4 instances of it, adjust their output note ranges, use a midi mixer to combine them.

  • Ahhh the midi mixer was where I was messing up


  • my 2 cts, if it can give you an idea:

    I've got a bit the same approach as you, I started with this great patch: https://patchstorage.com/euclidez-percbox/

    then I replaced the Euclidean part with this mozaic patch (10parts), which also lets you create patterns easily with lfo or other tools: https://patchstorage.com/topograph-1-0/

    Combining the two, I'm pretty happy with the result for the drums (samples)

    For the note sequencer, i use ochatron , with a cc dedicated to notes, which are also processed by a mozaic ptach that quantizes notes for all channels.

    I send the midi to my syntakt, digitone and drambo tracks


  • Cheers. You made me pick up 4T-Drums again, it’s actually a great way to improvise some drum loops. With 4 instances I’m thinking it could be cool to put them all inside a Rack, including a midi mixer, and in compact mode hide everything except the 4 xy pads.

  • Perhaps also leave the pattern bars visible.

  • Awesome. Yeah zhoujing makes the most useful and best modules for me anyway

    i wanted dRambo to be my Octachron

    I’ll try it out

    if it works great

    (otherwise I’ll just get Octachron on Black Friday )

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    Ok so it works well with the midi mixer. I can’t believe it. I need to get some more control over the parameters but this is an amazing sequencer

    my compliments to zhoujing

    how are you guys setting your randomizations?

    also how are you guys recording ? Are you recording loops to the sampler or ??

    this is really cool, so glad I asked and thanks so much @bleep

    (biggir you had a great idea but I’m not sure how to transfer that without mosaic )

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    You mean this? https://patchstorage.com/4-track-dynamic-rhythms-midirack/

    I can probably make an 8 track version of it but I won’t get a chance to try until sometime tomorrow.

    edit: apparently Im a little late and everyone already knows its that seq ;)

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    If you guys want to expand @ZhouJing 's (wonderful) patch to 8, it's actually quite simple. It seems daunting at first until you realize it's actually just 4 of the same, so... just add four more of these:

    Easy peasy 😅

    Edit: full rez jpeg (png was 10Mb!)

  • That file is not visible but thanks pedro

    and thanks for adding the rack

  • forum compresses a lot, but you can check the better resolution file on the zip I added, or just load @ZhouJing module on drambo itself. It is a long, complex module, I understand like 10% of it, that’s why I made this long picture, as a map while I’m exploring on the ipad. You don’t want to go uncharted

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