Easier access to track volume

Hello, I love this software and I'm looking to improve my workflow.

To change the volume, you either have to go to the right of the track content or go back to the main (without controller): any ideas?

If not, I suggest : 

In normal mode, would it be possible, for example, to lower or raise the volume by pressing on the track slot name and slowly lowering or raising it? If you go fast, it continues to mute or solo track

In the full-screen view, to add the possibility of modifying the volume on the first square of the track (and why not solo and mute too)? By clicking , and up and down for the volume

what do you think?

Looking forward to hearing from you



  • Good thinking but I think I'd simply add a slider at the beginning of the track (or any other convenient place) to control an amp module at the end. The long / slow / fast press thing sounds seems like it would be too fidgety to me.

  • This is the reason I use an Akai MidiMix with Drambo. Volume fader, mute, track select, 3 aux sends for 8 tracks, master fader, play button plus a few extra and I never have to mess around with the mixer functions on the screen. Makes things waaaay more performative and immediate for me. I hear you tho, Drambo's mixer is tiny and hard to use.

  • I think that's what I'm going to have to do :-) thank you both !

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    You could use a section module to collapse everything on the track and get to the mixer controls

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