A way to show multiple auv3 UI's in rack mode

alternative could be to show/hide UI's based on current track select. Which is ignored by default.

having control over show/hide properties would make this easy. But whatever is best. This has to work some day:)


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    Like this?

    Just hit that rectangle icon on the upper right and open the UI on each rack. You can then scroll through the racks by dragging the left rack headers up and down or pull the lower screen section up a little and activate TRK (track pads) to switch tracks quickly using the bottom pads:

    Other than that, indeed some way to control showing and hiding AUv3 windows would be good to have.

    Apart from possible MIDI control, which do you think would be the most straightforward way to control that?

  • Like an AUv3 parameter as AUM does it. Show/hide is just another midi mappable parameter in AUM. It’d be pretty cool to be able to link buttons or pLocks, etc.

  • I propose two new pad view modes (or maybe as sub-modes to RCK):

    • AU: Populates the pads with all the AU in use on a track. Tap a pad to open that AU (in full rack inline view? Or respecting the inline/max/floating setting, thereby just acting as a shortcut to open/close the AU?). Perhaps a two-finger tap could be allowed as well; open the two AU side-by-side within the rack in floating view, as shown in the first post. When the top-right multi-track rectangle is engaged, populate the pads with AU used across all tracks. Tapping a pad will center the track of that AU and open the AU.
    • Bookmark: Populate the pads with all bookmarked modules on the track. Tap a pad to scroll to this module (left align). Useful when building complex racks, the sideways scrolling is never fun and sometimes error-prone. Also, the large pads area is not used much when in focused build mode. In multitrack view (top right red rectangle), populate the pads with bookmarks across all tracks. Setting a bookmark could be a star symbol next to the module header, perhaps.

    The current pad views are useful but I often forget to use them. These two I think I would use in almost every session.

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