Help needed with Solo/Mute state logic

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I'm pretty stuck with achieving the right solo/mute states for DB control of external synths, I have 6 external synths that need to receive ON/OFF states including returning to the last 'set' value of the previous ON state:

my rendition:


• When a solo for Synth 1 is engaged, it sends a value 0 to the other 5

• It disables it's respective mute (can't engage with the mute until the solo is un-soloed)

• When solo for Synth 2 is engaged it unmutes Synth 2 (and doesn't mute Synth 1 like in the above example)

• Finally there is an un-solo ALL to un-solo all the soloed synths at once


• Mute 1 sends a value of 0 to it's respective Synth 1 etc. (again it only functions if Solo 1 is disengaged)

• When Synth 1 is muted - upon engaging with Solo 1 ON and then Solo 1 Off, it unmutes Synth 1.

Ai rendition of the above:

1. Solo Logic:

• Use OR gates to determine if any solo button is pressed. Connect all solo buttons to an OR gate.

• Connect the output of the OR gate to an AND gate along with each individual channel’s mute button.

• If the output of the AND gate is high, it means at least one solo button is pressed, and all mute buttons are effectively disabled.

2. Mute Logic:

• Use XOR gates for each mute button to toggle the mute status of a channel. Connect the output of the XOR gate to the channel’s mute control.

• If a channel is muted, the XOR gate output will be high, sending a 0 to mute that channel.

• If a solo button is active, connect it to an OR gate along with each mute button for the other channels. If any solo button is active, the OR gate output will be high, preventing mute buttons from being engaged.

3. Un-Solo Logic:

• Use an AND gate to check if all solo buttons are off. Connect all solo buttons to NOT gates first to invert their signals, then connect the outputs of the NOT gates to an AND gate.

• Connect the output of this AND gate to the enable input of the “un-solo all” button. This way, the “un-solo all” button will only work when all solo buttons are off.

this is my first ever take on conditions in Drambo so maybe it will make sense to someone right away to why when Solo-ing synth 2 it also Solo's synth 1 ?

the project :

ps. only the first 2 channels are functional at the moment for testing purposes


  • Can you give a few more details about what you want to achieve?

    What do you mean by ON/OFF control of the external synths? OFF=Volume zero or anything else?

  • @rs2000 by ON/OFF i ment indeed just volume zero mimicking a mute button, and upon un-solo-ing returning to it's previous value state.

    The most important thing here is that every newly set Solo sends a Mute out to the channels (synths) that not have been Solo-d yet, and if introducing another Solo that it doesn't un-solo the already Solo-d synth which is now the case.

    As long as it does the above then I can handle the rest myself on the incoming midi controller side of things (mute buttons not being active anymore upon Solo-ing etc, plus the general un-solo all)

  • So to reduce it to a simple rule, Solos shall override Mutes?

  • correct yes

  • Voilà:

    It follows a different concept, it won't magically change fader positions but it's quite simple.

  • ah, running exactly as it should now with the channels that are there from the start, will add more later on but should no doubt be fine, thank you!

  • πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜Š

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