Removing p lock not working

I have some plocks for the dry wet control of a reverb ( insert effects on a tra k )

The pattern is 8 bars long , but the plocks just stay in place after explicitly selecting ‘ remove plocks’

It’s not just the build,in reverb , also happens with 3th part ystuff ( bram bros trouble maker ) , plocks just stay in place


  • There is def. Something weird going,on , plocks are only removed for the first bar .

    verry weird

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    Most def a bug

    steps to reproduve

    -insert an osc + amp env

    -create 1 bar pattern and fill with notes of same pitch

    • from context menu of pattern choose *2, so that the bar is mutliplied by 2
    • now insert some plocks across the bars ( pitch of osc )
    • double click pitch of osc and choose remove plocks
    • - result ,plocks are removed from first bar only
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    No one ?

    just plock any parameter over 2 bars , double click the p-locked parameter and choose remove plocks .

    only the first bar of plocks are erased

  • @giku P-Locking issue.

  • Another P-Lock thing that I can't wrap my head around,

    If a clip is ON and while P-Locking it by it's assigned CC, say you Send CC 0 value 127, P-locking is engaged so you can go ahead and set all the needed parameters, after un(P-locking) the clip, the clip itself turns off, repeat the above and the clip is back on again.

    But when manually doing this then the clip always returns to the state where it previously was in?

    I've tried all the possible controller types and all the possible incoming CCs, either a normal toggle - first click value 127, second 0, or both clicks value 127, but it always keeps shuffling through ON/Off states of the clip while remotely P-Locking.

  • Me too… +1

    Also is anyone seeing a bug with 8 midi out? I keep setting hammerhead and only track 2 and 9 are output,1-7 remain silent

  • I'm not seeing that here @FearAndLoathing. (I assume you don't really mean midi out, but audio.)

    Can you post a screenshot or two of your setup?

  • Thanks man; I figured it out…it was a weird glitch with my interface . Interpolicous helped a lot

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