How to reset Euclidean sequencer?

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Hi there! I've tried resetting euclidean sequencers via the reset time module, but it doesn't have any effect on it. In fact none of the time modules seem to affect the euclidean sequencer when connected to its time input. Is there any hidden feature i'm missing?


  • ok small correction: swing time and scale time work, it's just reset time, reverse time and shift time that aren't working. is this a known issue?

  • That depends on how you expect a "reset" to work. Do you want to stop it until the next bar or the next pattern?

    Or do you want it to run with an offset related to the current pattern playing position?

  • My understanding was that when connecting a "reset time" module to a sequencer, as soon as the trigger input on the "reset time" module goes high the connected sequencer should restart iE begin playing its sequence from the start again.

    It clearly works as expected when using it this way with the CV sequencer for example.

    The euclidean sequencer ignores this entirely.

    I've attached a drambo project that demonstrates it very simply.

  • to be honest i don't get why the euclidean sequencer doesn't have a "reset" input like the CV sequencer, which is why after a lot of trial and error i went for the "reset time" module in the first place, which should work according to its description. am i severely misunderstanding something here?

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