Synced clock multiplication

Is there a way to have a single knob that jumps between the factors of multiplications and skips the increments on the clock module? so say mult X2 X4 X8 X16 etc,

so far I only achieved this by having X-factor-pinpointed number modules sitting before an N-1 Switch to send out the exact CC feedback so it lands on those X points, but would there be a better way to do this maybe for instance with some math modules?


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    I would experiment with having the "Quantize" module (Math / 1OP section, not the MIDI one) behind the knob.

  • The easiest way to do this is to use the Graphic Shaper and draw in "bars mode" with X and Y quantization enabled, then scale its output if needed.

  • Thanks for both of the tips, @rs2000 is this achievable by just those 2 modules? or you need separate scale modules for each multiplication factor?

  • I've tried this and it works but it's very fiddly to adjust the correct values in Graphic Shaper:

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    That is indeed way more fiddly then expected, so the midi feedback solution turns out to be the one for me as you also get to keep the visual multiplication factor on the clock module:

    Thanks for the head start @rs2000 may I ask how you arrived at the number 7.720 im the scaler? Just for the sake of understanding it more.

  • @Moa13 just by tweaking until it worked. It's not a nice solution, I know, and there could be better solutions.

    One of them could be modifying the time signal instead of the clock generation itself.

  • You could use a graphic modulator with a short gate drawn in. The rate knob is a multiplier.

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