CV Quantizer MIDI operation

Could someone be kind to point out how the MIDI implementation on the CV Quantizer works?

If I connect the Quantizer module's MIDI socket to the main MIDI output of the track then nothing happens, unless there is a MIDI >CV + Note Generator sitting after the sequencer's output.

Shouldn't it also respond when connected straight to the sequencer's main MIDI output? it only does occasionally when I flip the MIDI ON/OFF switch on the quantizer module.

Or is it because the gate that's coming from the initial MIDI >CV falls out of sync with the Pitch on receiving end of the Note Generator (after the CV Quantizer)


  • With MIDI enabled, notes or a chord from its MIDI input should indeed override the quantizer settings.

    I had this happen once, could you please save the project, restart Drambo and try again?

  • The restart didn't do much, but so the Quantizer engages for a second when I flip the MIDI ON/OFF switch (when connected straight to the sequencer output) but just for a brief moment and then it gos back to playing in a single key, though if hooked up to a MIDI Note Generator after the sequencer then it works, so that's what's still a bit puzzling.

  • OK, can you add a short MIDI delay to all but the CV Quantizer's MIDI input to make sure it receives the scale information in time?

  • yeah I've already tried both either delaying the MIDI that arrives at the Quantizer or the Gate that arrives at the final Note Gen. without much luck yet.

  • Okay it also works with the MIDI Quantizer module after the sequencer so it might be some syncing issue at the end maybe?

  • You may have found a bug - if you can set up a patch that clearly shows what works and what doesn't then please post it here (zipped .drproject) so @giku can check it.

  • so with 2 examples, 1st Quantizer 'should' be running on MIDI and 2nd is running as expected on CV.

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    The CV Quantizer always receives unquantized notes on its pitch input. Its MIDI port is only intended to be used for setting the scale if "MIDI" is enabled, in which case MIDI notes will override the notes you've enabled.

    I'll forward the info anyway so that the module help can be updated.

  • Thanks for clarifying that! Apologies but I still can't get it to do anything besides repeating the same key when MIDI mode is on, how does one set a scale?

    I thought maybe it would be something like setting a scale by setting the keys of a scale on a neighboring track so you could set the scales via notes per clip that way and ergonomically avoid multiple Quantizer modules but I assume that it's something else.

  • You set a scale by playing a chord on the keyboard or, if you like to set the scale on the fly on a different track, place all notes contained in the desired scale simultaneously e.g. on the piano roll.

    Using the new Sequencer module, you could also place a few chords (i.e. scales) there and control which one to use by controlling its time signal.

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